Congratulations and Welcome to CP+Plus!

This enrollment page is your destination to ensure you take full advantage of the benefits the CP+Plus program provides you — at zero net cost to you. With a few simple steps, you will be able to submit expense receipts easily from your computer, phone or mobile device of your choice - anywhere you have online access to log into your account.


Need a reminder of what the program can do for you?

If you are looking for a reminder of how the program works and why it's worth your small investment of time to participate - start here!
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How to maximize the dollars you get back from the program.
An easy-to-use tool!

We have created a worksheet to help give you ideas on all the eligible expenses you can submit to CP+Plus. This is useful at the beginning to understand how much you can receive back. It’s also helpful to review each month to ensure you aren’t overlooking an opportunity to turn in an expense. Download the worksheet version you prefer!


Our Microsoft Excel® file Worksheet includes formulas to calculate and total your expenses


Our PDF format worksheets are useful for printing and calculating on 'by hand' on paper.




How to submit an expense.

Our program is powered by Paychex ExpenseWire, making it reliable and easy-to-use! We encourage you to watch this video for a step-by-step walk through of the submission process.


Download written directions for Online Submission
How to Log-in to ExpenseWire.pdf


Download written directions for Mobile/App Submission:
How to Create an Expense Report in Mobile.pdf
If you are already familiar with the process you can proceed to the site:


Additional Questions?

Contact your CP+Plus Representative, Pete Luke via email:

or by calling: 808-372-9189