Reimburse Your Employees Tax-free for their Personal Business Expenses

The Compensation Plus Program allows you, as an employer, to offer your employees the benefit of tax-free reimbursement on their unreimbursed job-related expenses — with zero increase in the employee’s overall compensation plan. Today, many employers reimburse their employees on some items, but not all of their job-related expenses. Other employers may not be able to offer the benefits of business expense reimbursement to any employees. With CP+PLUS, employers can now offer an Accountable Expense Reimbursement Plan by outsourcing the workload to CP+PLUS. All administration, including receipt validation is handled seamlessly by our team with no expense to the employer. Plus, we are an IRS-compliant administrator providing this service at no cost to employers.

Our Services

Recent changes in Tax Laws restricted tax write-offs. Learn how our IRS compliant program works to find benefits in a new way.

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Financial Scenario

Discover the financial impact this benefit program may provide both you and your employees with a paycheck comparison.

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Who Should Participate?

Industry experts support Accountable Reimbursement plans for most business types

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Bring the benefit to your employees

our team of experts will walk you through the process step by step, enrolling and educating your members with personalized materials and a program launch meeting