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The structure of the CP+PLUS Plan has been available since 1954 and has been backed by an IRS ruling since 2012. If you are interested in understanding the legitimacy of the program, you may read further by downloading the CP+PLUS WHITE PAPER 2018  as well as the reviewing the endorsements and articles below.

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CP+PLUS Structure Recognized By State Retirement Systems

It has been our experience that the CP+PLUS Plan is so innovative in approach that few accountants and tax experts at large in the industry, are aware of the opportunity the plan provides. It is our role to help share this availability with them. By working with a variety of organizations across multiple states, we are able to share the recognition of the plan as it becomes working knowledge.  READ MORE . . .

Articles and Endorsements from other Tax Experts

Can you Deduct Unreimbursed Job Expenses?

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Written by Dr. Stephen Fishman

"The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act completely eliminated all miscellaneous itemized deductions subject to the 2% of AGI limit, including the deduction for unreimbursed employee expenses. Thus, employees who spend their own money for things like job related car expenses, travel, education, or tools get no deduction at all. The deduction for unreimbursed employee expenses is scheduled to return in 2026. . . . This makes it more important than ever to seek reimbursement for such expenses from the employer." 


Tax Surprises: Check Out this List of Individual Tax Deductions that are Just Gone
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Written by Erin Arvelund

"Unreimbursed employee business expenses: For a lot of people, this will be a game changer. Employers may be able to help employees in reversing the lost tax benefit.". . . "with the new law, it’s taken on heightened significance.” “If you’re an employee paying for business meals, vehicle, travel, entertainment of clients, those won’t be deductible by employees anymore,” . . .  "Employers can set up what’s known as an “accountable plan” with rules about what’s reimbursable and what’s not. Union dues, for instance, are an employee expense that’s no longer deductible" . . .  “Everyone has to re-evaluate how much they withold from their paychecks, especially if they were heavy users of itemized deductions before the new law.”

Tax Reform Suspends the Tax Deduction for Employee Business Expenses
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ACTAX Article

Not all provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are beneficial to taxpayers. One notable negative provision is the suspension of the deduction for employee business expenses. Under prior law, taxpayers who were employees were able to deduct expenses related to their employment as a miscellaneous itemized deduction, to the extent the expenses exceeded 2% of their adjusted gross income. Yet, under the tax reform, employee business expenses will not be allowed for tax years 2018 through 2025." . . ."The only possible remedy for the loss of this deduction is for an employee to negotiate an “accountable plan” with the employer."