Are My Employees A Good Fit for this Program?

Are My Employees A Good Fit for this Program?

When employers first hear about CP+PLUS, they often ask themselves, "Are my employees a good fit for this program?" and "What types of businesses benefit from this service?"

The answer is easy. If your employees spend any of their own money investing in something that allows them to perform their job and you are not already reimbursing them through an Accountable Reimbursement program, then they are eligible to be making those purchases tax-free.

Most employees use their home internet services and mobile phones to the benefit of their jobs. Union dues are another benefit. Tools and personal protective equipment. The list goes on — but let's focus here on the industry types. We have seen great potential for success with these examples:

  • Teachers and education staff
  • Contractors such as plumbers and pipefitters
  • Medical workers such as nurses, doctors and clinicians
  • Police and firefighters

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